Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in North Bergen, New Jersey

From installing new cabinets to making a bathroom accessible to selecting a qualified contractor for a bath, kitchen renovations in Bergen County NJ may seem like a big endeavor. Our skilled designers are aware of how difficult it is to organize a makeover. We created this renovation guide together to assist you in organizing a kitchen or bathroom remodeling Bergen County NJ.

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How to begin your renovation project:

Step 1 – Determine Your Remodeling Scope

Be Motivated

It’s exciting to remodel your house! You have the chance to design the room of your dreams. Make the effort to find the designs, finishes, and materials you desire. Create a folder for your remodeling projects. Organize your notes and pictures.

What else do you consider?

How frequently do you host visitors? Do you have any long-term plans for your house? Remember that you want to design a lovely space that accommodates the various needs of your family. To design the ideal kitchen or bathroom, our team collaborates with you during the entire process and produces a detailed 3D rendering of your dream house.

Think about the accessibility needs of your family.

What your family requires for your house should be discussed with them. Include your children in the process if you have any. They can have an original idea for a pleasant pet area for your dog or desire convenient access to goodies. Kids will be thrilled to take part in such a significant initiative. This will ease the transition, particularly for younger kids.

Do you need to take into account aging parents or a relative with a disability? When making accommodations for them in the bathroom or kitchen design Bergen County NJ, take accessibility into account.

Scope and size of the home

Think about the remodel’s size. The size of your house will have an impact on the remodel’s overall cost and schedule. For example, restoring an ancient farmhouse takes more time, money, and resources overall. While some tasks will take a few weeks, others could take much longer.

Do you want to modernize an outdated bathroom or kitchen with Smart Home technology, contemporary fixtures, and a custom shower with heated floors?

How will our designer help you ?

A Corniel Construction designer will consider your suggestions while collaborating with you to choose the finest design, components, and options for your home. To locate the best materials, appliances, fixtures, and more, rely on our designer. To cut expenses and boost efficiency, our designer will oversee every stage of the project.

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Feel free to query them about anything.

Our production staff is available to assist you.

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Step 2: Create a design and obtain a cost estimate

Creating a design and obtaining an estimate are the following steps in planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation Bergen County NJ. Here’s how we approach it:

Planning Stage

One of the most exciting aspects of remodeling is the design phase. You’ll get to witness the realization of your remodeling dream! A complete floor plan and 3D representations of your ideal bathroom or kitchen remodeling Bergen County NJ are created by our designer at Corniel Construction so that you can “see” it. You will talk about your budget, the project’s scope, time management techniques, cost estimation, scheduling, and materials at this meeting with our designer. Together, you will choose the materials and design that will work best for your budget.

Corniel Construction will work with you to select the appropriate materials for your kitchen or bathroom renovation Bergen County NJ after the design is complete.

Step 3: Rely on ‘Corniel Construction’

The hiring of a renovation contractor is the last stage of the planning process.

You need a renovation contractor you can rely on for your bathroom and kitchen design Bergen County NJ. Corniel Construction has a long history and satisfied clients. From design to construction, our helpful and skilled personnel will assist you. Create the house of your dreams without worrying. Our method guarantees that you will enjoy improving your home.


Now is the time to start planning your ideal house. North Bergen, New Jersey, homeowners can depend on our reputable family-run firm. We have combined expertise in remodeling basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and entire homes. Corniel Construction has a long history of providing unmatched quality and first-class customer service.

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