5 Factors in the Cost of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation in NYC

Feb 19, 2023 | Bathroom Remodeling

You use your bathroom very frequently, so if the present layout doesn’t meet your practical or aesthetic requirements, it’s time to think about making improvements. You should look after both people and material resources of the highest caliber. Bathroom renovation costs differ in different states, cities, or countries. But have you ever wondered what a luxury bathroom makeover in NYC might cost? A seemingly simple question with a complex solution. You may discover helpful sites that compile data and forecast average remodeling prices at the national, regional, and local levels, such as cost vs value analysis.

 But since none of these sources will account for the particulars of your project, they are frequently false. Additionally, the bathroom renovation cost can also be influenced by the location of the house, as labor and material costs can vary from one area to another. In NYC bathroom renovation cost may depend on several reasons factors as some are mentioned for your reference:

Type of House

It virtually never costs less to remodel a bathroom in a private house than it does in an apartment or penthouse in NYC. Time restraints and demands made by condo and co-op boards are the major causes of this. For instance, most residential buildings in NYC enforce curfews for the times of day when a project must start and conclude. It may seem apparent, but an NYC bathroom renovation costs more the bigger the bathroom itself. It’s not a completely simple estimate, though, because what counts are the fittings and finishes that will occupy the area, not the footprint, as more plumbing equipment—such as sinks, showers, toilets, and other fixtures—means higher expenditures.

Small bathroom renovation (less than 50 square feet): Depending on the amount of customization and the materials selected, a small NYC bathroom renovation cost anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000.

A medium-sized bathroom makeover (50 to 100 square feet): can cost between $10,000 and $25,000, depending on the fixtures and materials you select and the degree of customization needed.

Large bathroom renovation (more than 100 square feet): Depending on the level of customization, the materials and fixtures utilized, and the quantity of work necessary, the price of a large bathroom renovation can range from $25,000 to $50,000 or more.

Changing or Reconfiguring Certain Features

Even though it seems clear, people frequently fail to distinguish between replacing and rearranging bathroom fixtures in NYC. Higher difficulties are brought on by reconfiguration or enlargement, such as design expenses and additional plumbing expenditures due to the bathroom’s new location. If the current layout of the bathroom is inefficient or does not meet your needs, reconfiguring the layout can help further to optimize the space and make it more functionally beautiful. This can be done without having to tear down walls or make major structural changes, which can result in more bathroom renovation cost in NYC. Some of the firms are doing it quite efficiently within the budget as you can surely take help from them for a better perspective, for example, bathroom remodeling Manhattan may give you better options for better assistance.

Budget of the Owner

The state of the site will have a significant impact on the cost of your project, whether or not you intend to change the layout of your bathrooms. Plaster is a common building material used in pre-war residential structures in NYC. In comparison to a waterproof cement board and moisture-proof sheetrock, anticipate spending a few thousand dollars extra if you wish to repaint the bathroom. The bathroom’s usable size will be reduced if sheetrock is used since framing is necessary. You might not be prepared to compromise since NYC has a limited amount of room and would prefer to spend more money on replastering. There are further factors to take into account, such as whether the walls are level and if the bathroom has ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets.

Architect or Interior Designer Design Services

Technical design and creative design are two subcategories of design services. You either collaborate with a professional architect or interior designer for the creative design service, which is nearly always optional, to redesign the space. Depending on the level of service included in your design package, this additional layer of service will typically cost between 10 and 20% of your construction budget (although not all firms base their fees on construction costs; some may charge a flat fee based on project scope and anticipated duration, for example). Therefore, you may anticipate paying your architect or designer $4,000 to $8,000 for a $40,000 bathroom renovation.

Fixtures and Faucets 

Finally, the fixtures and finishes you select to install will have the most impact on the price of your NYC bathroom remodel. You may forget about keeping the renovation under $50,000 if the luxurious toilet you’ve been admiring costs $12,000 instead. There are several other, more popular options to think about even if this might not be a popular choice (although we have undoubtedly had consumers request such goods). Per square foot, tiles can cost anything between $8 and $80. Depending on the material and finish, the cost of panels, doors, shower curtains, fixtures, and other items might change greatly depending on the choice. Utilizing a full-service design-build business may help you decrease expenses and the project’s scope.


In the end, there are simply too many individualized, configurable aspects to allow for a basic bathroom renovation cost breakdown. Overall, the majority of bathroom renovation costs in NYC are between $30,000 and $75,000. Despite the fact that higher-end to luxury finishes and bigger 4 or 5-piece bathrooms normally start at $80,000 and may go as high as $200,000. Even while that’s undoubtedly a large range, your remodel’s placement on the scale will be determined by the five considerations mentioned above.


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